Pastor’s Message

Dear Friends,

No matter where you come from, how old or young you are, what ethnicity you are, LGBTQ or straight, no matter where you are on the journey of life or faith, you are welcome here!

On behalf of the members and friends of Cross Wood United Church of Christ in Long Beach, California, I welcome you to our web site and invite you to join us for worship some Sunday morning or Tuesday evening.

We are a progressive Christian community — one that is forward-thinking, grounded in the unconditional love of God, and not afraid of intellectually engaging our faith in Jesus Christ. Our members and friends are on a journey together toward wholeness.

If you are looking for a place to belong and desire that your faith grow deeper in the knowledge of God and the Christian faith, then consider us! We offer friendship, community and a place to explore life’s many questions.

Wishing you peace and joy. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Richard Grauman