Volunteers Needed!

There is no way that the Pastor or paid staff could do all that needs to be done at our church. People often feel that their help is not specifically needed in ministry. Not true — we need volunteers every week just to make the services operate smoothly and safely.

Some volunteer positions are ongoing and some are one-time opportunities. For example, we need people for ushering, for greeting, for singing, for worship planning and for leading small groups. We need financial administrators, Tuesday night teachers, web technicians, odd job handi-people and coffee hour hosts. Here are some current projects and volunteer opportunities:

Volunteers are needed for Scripture Readings each week. Sign-up sheets are available at Coffee Hour each Sunday.

Communion Helpers
Volunteers are needed to help with preparation of communion elements once a month. To apply to serve in this way, email Pastor Richard Grauman at rcgrauman@aol.com.

Ushers are needed to carry the collection plates every Sunday. To help with this, email Pastor Richard Grauman at rcgrauman@aol.com.

Coffee Hour Volunteers
Please consider volunteering to provide refreshments for coffee hour one upcoming Sunday. Sign-up sheets are available at Coffee Hour each Sunday.