Tuesday Nights Study

The 23rd Psalm a nine week exploration. Join us on any of these nights at 7:15 pm.

9/4 The God Who Shepherds Us – Psalm 23

9/11 The God Who Invites Us to Rest –  Matthew 11:25-30

9/18 The God Who Guides Us – Psalm 25

10/9 The God Who is With Us – Psalm 34

10/16 The God Who Comforts Us – Isaiah 40:9-11, 25-31

10/30 The God Who Feeds Us – Isaiah 55

11/6 The God Who Heals Us – Isaiah 61:1-3

11/13 The God Who Blesses Us – Psalm 40

11/20 The God Who is Our True Home – Psalm 16

Community Prayer Night

Fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:15 pm.

We will spend the hour focused on the practice of prayer, and praying. With special attention given to those prayer requests received in our community prayer box.

Please feel free to join us together in prayer.


Holy Communion

We celebrate Communion the first Sunday of each month. During Communion our pastor and an assistant will hold a plate of bread and a cup of grape juice. Participants come forward to receive the bread and dip it in the juice. The special service of Communion is always outlined in the weekly bulletin. We welcome you to participate in this joyous event. No one is excluded from the table set by Jesus.

Meaning of Communion

The communion meal recalls the table fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples, and in particular the Last Supper on the night before his death as well as his appearances to the disciples during meals following his resurrection. Throughout its history these Biblical events have been central to the Church’s worship life.

In the sacrament of Holy Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist, meaning “thanksgiving,” Christians hear, taste, touch and receive the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ in a unique way. Communion is:

  • a joyous act of thanksgiving for all God has done, is doing, and will do for the redeeming of creation;
  • a sacred memorial of the crucified and risen Christ, a living and effective sign of Christ’s sacrifice in which Christ is truly and rightly present to those who eat and drink;
  • an earnest prayer for the presence of the Holy Spirit to unite those who partake with the Risen Christ and with each other, and to restore creation, making all things new;
  • an intimate experience of fellowship in which the whole church in every time and place is present and divisions are overcome;
  • a hopeful sign of the promised Realm of God marked by justice, love and peace.